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TEDS is an outdoor equipment company founded in South Korea to help your expedition dreams not only come true but to become achievable as well.

Our experts that have great experience in the Outdoor and Camping Industry have gathered and spent thousands of hours to design the best products with a reasonable price.
Throughout our line-up of products, our first product TEDPoP® was announced through Kickstarter in May 2021.

TEDS Cares About Our Planet
TEDS highly prioritizes eco-friendly approach to create a brighter and clearer feature! TEDS is doing the best to provide you with sustainable products that are environmentally-friendly throughout their entire life. We believe that from the moment the raw materials are extracted to the moment the final product is disposed, there must be no permanent damage to the environment! Let's save the earth and protect our future together!

Sustainable Products


Environmentally Friendly

Welcome to TEDS

CEO Message

My name is Ted Ko. I am a father of three children and the founder of TEDS. During my life, I have always enjoyed camping. In my late 30s, I came across some personally difficult times, and things were not working out. I took that time to spend more time with my family, and we decided to spend some time camping across New Zealand. Spending time out in nature with loved ones truly helped me look back on myself and mentally secure myself to think and plan out my next steps. I wanted to share the experience and the feelings I had felt during camping with as many people as possible. After returning, I gained experience in the industry as a technical designer and soon started drafting my own original rooftop tent design. TEDS is now proud to present “TEDPoP” : The World’s First Dual Expandable Hardshell Rooftop Pop-Up Tent that will not only give you a great camping experience but also allow you to continue connecting and bonding with your loved ones wherever you go. We have many plans and products coming up, and your support will help us bring them to life.
TEDPoP® Rooftop Tent

Our First Product

We spent months looking into various rooftop tents that are out in the market, especially on what kind of improvements can be made for a better user experience. Our conclusion is that common issues such as condensation, comfortability can be improved though better materials, improved designing and also able to lower the lost by cutting out all unnecessary costs. Ultimately, we are confident that we can provide everyone who not only enjoys camping and overlanding, but has interest in outdoor activities the best camping experience through our product. We’ve spent nights and days working on this project, and tested every possibility to deliver the best product in your hand. What we want to create and provide is an unforgettable experience for everybody who is interested in camping and overlanding.
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