TEDPoP – The World’s First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Hardshell Rooftop Tent

TEDPoP is The World’s First Pop-up Dual Expandable Hardshell Rooftop Tent.
The next generation of World’s Largest Hard Shell Rooftop tent that sleeps up to 5 people and allows you to make your own portable home anywhere!

The shell’s interior is equipped with closed-cell foam insulation which mitigates any outside temperature changes, alongside a high-strength aluminum honeycomb panel that utilizes thermal barrier technology, fundamentally blocking out the persistent floor condensation.


Sleeps: 4-5 People
Shell Type: ABS Hardshell
Wall Material: Poly-Cotton Canvas
Floor: Honeycomb aluminum panels / Thermal barrier anti-condensation technology
Waterproof rating: 3000mm
Mattress: High-density foam mattress (thickness 2.5″ / 6.3cm)
Setup Time: 2 Minutes
Open dimensions: 125″ x 120″ (318cm x 304cm)
Closed dimensions: 90″ x 50″ (277cm x 125cm)
Height : 50″ (Open), 14″ (Closed)
Weight: 176 lbs (80 kg)
Warranty: 2 Years




    There are lots of exciting things to love about camping but setting up your tent is

    rarely one of them. Lugging it around while it’s packed up can be quite a hassle and pitching

    it usually ends up being way more complicated than it should be.



    TEDPoP makes sleeping off the ground super easy and convenient.

    Just unfold it and you are ready to go! After you install TEDPoP once,

    you can use it to camp whenever and wherever you want!



     TEDPoP offers an enormous space allowing up to 5 people to lay down

    comfortably at once due to dual expandable panels on both sides of the tent.



    It offers a non-obstructed 360°all-around view that is generally not possible in the case of

    expandable rooftop tents due to their structure. Since there are 2 entrances, you can change

    the direction of the tent entry to any side that you prefer as well.



    Windows on all sides create an openness that exceeds regular closed-off tents.



     The “Star View” ceiling window opens up a beautiful view of the sky and stars.



    TEDPoP’s tent skin material is applied with a high-density canvas fabric to maximize

    air permeability. Along with that, a fly material equipped with features complementing the canvas

    skin is used simultaneously to block UV and demonstrate perfect waterproof qualities.



    The super water-repellent premium canvas is a material newly coming to the fore in

    the tent industry and is a fabric used to draw oil paintings.

    Because it’s an excellent moisture absorber, you won’t have to worry about condensation

    forming inside the tent. As a material with self-waterproof features, it boasts

    durability that withstands even the strongest rains with ease.




    One of the annoyances commonly experienced in typical camping tents is “condensation.”

    This refers to the phenomenon where the differences in indoor and outdoor temperatures

    cause the vapor in the air to turn into water drops within the tent. This process occurs frequently in

    general polyester material tents and gives a hard time to campers in hot or cold weather conditions.



    To solve this problem, TEDPoP has adopted a newly developed insulation method. By utilizing

    an insulated closed-cell structure with maximized insulation, we’ve drastically minimized condensation,

    which was a fatal drawback of existing products. We have also developed the world’s first thermally

    static composite panel (3 layers in the picture below) and are currently in process of getting a patent.

    The panel improves temperature-resistant stability while fundamentally blocking the persistent

    condensation of other rooftop tent products.



    Additionally, boosting air permeability by applying the high-density premium canvas

    fabric as the tent skin material has played a huge role in wiping out condensation as well.


    The exterior with a streamlined form that resembles a clamshell is crafted in an aerodynamic design.

    Such design structure minimizes wind resistance and is not only safe to use in strong winds,

    including typhoons, but also helps with fuel efficiency and noise while driving.



    TEDS has opted for ABS material instead of FRP used in average tents, embodying

    the pro-environment aspect, and at the same time, has grafted a condensation-preventing technology

    by applying insulating layers.



    In addition to these features, the high-strength aluminum honeycomb panel doesn’t alter its shape,

    even when faced with a weight load of 2000lbs. This is thanks to it utilizing the same material

    which is used to make aircraft wings, meaning that it’s adapted for resulting in maximum durability.



    When you raise the cover to a certain height, the expanding force of the condensed gas strut bar increases,

    causing the hard shell to open automatically. Following the opened hard shell, the extension

    panels on both sides are consecutively open by the movement of the link structure.



    Most hardshell rooftop tents on the market were optimized for a smaller group of people,

    from 1 to 4 people maximum. However, TEDPoP allows up to 5 people to sleep comfortably inside.

    This is achieved through dual expandable panels that extend from both sides of the main panel.

    However, adopting such a structure would lengthen the cantilever as much as the extended panel’s length,

    hindering the tent pitching, and the moment arm would also be lengthened,

    possibly becoming a shaky factor in durability aspects including stability and load capacity.

    The highlight of TEDPoP is that in order to overcome this obstacle, we have divided

    the extension panel to both ends of the main panel, and by reducing the moment arm,

    we facilitated high stability and even the convenience of a pop-up.



     TEDPoP is available in white and black colors. At the end of the campaign, we wil

    l send you a separate survey where you can select your colors.



    Your TEDPoP will include the following:

    1. TEDPoP Rooftop Tent x1

    2. Telescopic Ladder x1 (2.3m)

    3. Mounting Bracket Set x1

    4. Tension Pole

    5. High-density foam mattress (thickness: 2.5″)

    6. Ladder Cover

    7. Allen Wrench

    8. Gas Strut Locks

    9. Keys x2

    10. Instruction Manual

    11. Fabric Care Card




    Our rooftop tent comes with 1 ladder that you can attach to the desirable entrance and if you’re

    looking to add an extra telescopic ladder in order to make use of both entrances, consider getting this extra add-on.



    Need extra storage for your stuff? With TEDS Shoe Rack climbing in and out of your rooftop tent becomes

    much more convenient! Store your belongings like shoes, sweatshirts, or toilet paper located right by

    the retractable ladder for convenient storage and access to anything you may need while getting in & out of your rooftop tent.




    US, UK, Canada, EU, Oceania, South Korea Customers: You will receive your TEDPoP

    right at your doorstep for FREE including any accessories that you have ordered along with our rooftop tent.

    If you live outside of the above-mentioned countries, you will be responsible for the customs clearance,

    duties, taxes, and picking up your “TEDPoP” at the closest city/port of entry (or trucking to the final destination).

    The shipping on Kickstarter is only to the select cities/ports of entry listed on our shipping page.

    For detailed information, please contact us to be advised on the customs clearance process and pick up

    (or arrange final transportation to your doorstep).

    Please note that shipping costs may vary depending on your location.



    Set Up

    2 Minutes


    65 KG (TBD)

    Shell Type

    ABS Hardshell


    Honeycomb aluminum panels / Thermal barrier anti-condensation technology


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